Analysis of the advantages of CCSN Power's independent research and development of diesel engines

The diesel engine independently developed by CCSN Power has comparative advantages in energy consumption, environmental adaptability, performance reliability, fuel efficiency, cost price, lubrication system, pipeline layout, and after-sales maintenance etc. CCSN Engine and its supporting generator sets have won a large number of projects in the domestic and foreign markets by virtue of their own advantages, and have been well received by customers.


We can specifically reflect the advantages of CCSN engine from the following points:

Low energy consumption. The fuel consumption range of CCSN's full range of engines is between 183+5%~200+5% g/KW•h. The average fuel consumption in actual operation is 202g/KW•h, which is 210~240 on average with products of the same type in the market. Compared with the fuel consumption rate of g/KW•h, it can save at least 3% fuel. If a 500KW generator set runs for 24 hours and consumes 2.6 tons of fuel, it works 250 days a year and consumes 650 tons of fuel. Based on the fuel price of 5,000 Yuan/ton, the annual fuel cost saving is about 100,000 Yuan, and the fuel cost saved in four years can basically offset the cost of purchasing the unit.

It can adapt to various complex geographic and climatic environments, and it can operate normally in the desert or tropical rain forest. For example, after 10 months of stable operation in the desert zone of Ejina Banner, the working condition is good. At the same location, the CUMMINS diesel engine was damaged after 2 months of operation, and CAT was damaged after 3 months of operation. This severe working condition has damaged more than 10 diesel generator sets of other brands. Our company intervened later to successfully complete the power supply requirements of this project.

In high altitude areas, the operating power is less reduced. Generally, ordinary diesel engines reduce operating power by 30%-40% above 4000 meters above sea level, while CCSN diesel engines reduce operating power by only 15%-20%. It can be used in the construction of national key projects and military defense fields.

The first set of failure-free reliability performance tests for three consecutive months. The unit was handed over to China Railway First Bureau Chengdu Tianfu New City Exhibition Overpass on October 1, 2014. The continuous construction has accumulated more than 2000 hours without failure, and the average load rate is about 420KWe. .

A single generator set is small in size and has high parallel efficiency. Multiple generator sets can quickly achieve capacity superposition with extremely low energy loss (high parallel efficiency and power loss 1%) through paralleling.

The production cost is low, and the price of the whole machine is lower than that of internationally renowned diesel engines such as CUMMINS and CAT. It has a strong market competitive advantage. The sales price of Cummins and CAT is around 550,000 for the same power, such as a 1000KW engine. CCSN is around 400,000.

Comply with the ISO3046 standard, the difference between the closed limited power and the operating power is greater than 5%, such as the 6-cylinder 159 engine closed limited power as high as 632KWm;

Optimize the lubrication system of the diesel engine, rationally design the pump oil volume and oil cooling, and the full-load type test: oil pressure 5.0bar, oil temperature 90;

The lubrication system is designed with a centrifugal oil filter, which can effectively filter out carbon residues, particles and other suspended matter, which improves the function that L777 cannot complete, and the oil can be extended to 400 hours for replacement;

The fuel solenoid valve adopts plunger type + manual shutdown to prevent engine failures that cannot be shut down;


The fuel system belongs to the low-pressure common rail LPI, which is designed with a fuel stepper to control and change the fuel advance angle. The fuel advance angle for light loads is 42 degrees before top dead point, and for medium and large loads is 15 degrees before top dead point;

The control sampling of the fuel stepper can be fuel pressure or power value, and the modification program is flexible and convenient, which can achieve real control freely;

Optimize the pipeline layout design of the engine. The overall concept is neat, clear, generous, small in size, light in weight, and high in power. Even the crankcase breather is hidden at the free end;

Humanized design of the oil filler port;

The design of the supercharger is a double-channel volute, the support seat is cooled by circulating water in a water cavity, and the effective supercharging can be as high as 2 bar. The intake air can be heated in cold areas, and the intake air temperature can be effectively suppressed in high temperature environments;

The exhaust pipe adopts a wet exhaust pipe, which plays a good role in protecting the supercharger and reducing the temperature of the intake air;

The rocker chamber cover is made of high-pressure aluminum products, which can support high-strength outer objects;

The air intake system is equipped with a wind and sand-proof rotating double filter with as standard configuration, and the replacement time can be as high as 800h;

The engine has multi-point sampling protection for low water level, exhaust manifold temperature, coolant temperature, oil temperature, intake air temperature after air cooling, fuel pressure, oil pressure, intake air pressure after air cooling, and crankcase pressure;

The engine is equipped with GPRS satellite positioning and GPS operation data upload;

The fuel filtration system comes standard with a large-capacity oil-water filtration device with a filtration accuracy of 6 microns;

The same displacement capacity, high compression ratio bring strong power, and one step can achieve 60% load;

The design of the piston changes the traditional materials and processes, resulting in the gap between the cylinder liner and the piston being controlled at 0.08mm, which overcomes the excessive expansion of the piston and reduces oil consumption, and the exhaust gas volume is greatly improved;

The overall design breaks through the large percentage of power reduction caused by the plateau low air pressure, such as the type test of the 6-cylinder 159 engine at an altitude of [email protected];

The engine not only has prime power, but also has strong continuous power: such as 6-cylinder 159 engine [email protected];

Full combustion, extremely low emissions and fuel consumption, 192+5%g/[email protected]%-100%;

The oil pump and control system facilitate the free conversion between 1500 rpm and 1800 rpm, without the need to replace the oil pump, supercharger, etc.;

The warranty period can be up to 18 months, and the normal operation is defined by engine power completely free of charge, and low-cost preferential paid lifetime maintenance services are provided.


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