CCSN Power successfully passed the ISO14001 environmental certification through the implementation of the green energy concept


CCSN Power implements the concept of green energy. Persist in shaping the company with the most stringent international environmental management model. Let every destined customer in the world enjoy the economical, clean, stable and reliable power we provide, which is the purpose of our CCSN people.


ISO14001 certification is applicable to enterprises, After passing the certification, it can prove that it has reached the international level in environmental management, and can ensure that the control of various pollutants in the company's processes, products and activities meets relevant requirements , Help companies establish a good social image. 


CCSN Power has made preparations from the following aspects:


First of all, make preparations for human resources, money, and things. The general manager of appoints environmental management representatives in writing. Authorize the establishment of corresponding institutions and provide human and financial support to ensure the needs of the establishment and operation of the system.


Second, we did initial environmental review. This work is to evaluate the organization's environmental management, summarize experience, find out the main environmental problems and analyze risks, so as to determine the control methods and future improvement directions. In the initial environmental review, our working group consisting of personnel engaged in environmental protection, production, technology, equipment and other aspects is formed. The working group shall complete the identification and evaluation of laws and regulations, the identification and evaluation of environmental factors, the evaluation of the gap between the existing environmental management system and the ISO14001 standard, and form an initial environmental review report.


Third, the environmental management system planning work was completed. Environmental management system planning is to formulate environmental policies based on the results of the initial environmental review and CCSN’s economic and technical strength; determine the structure of the environmental management system; determine the company’s organization and responsibilities; formulate goals, indicators, and environmental management plans; determine which environmental activities need to be formulated Run the control program.


Fourth, the system documents were compiled. ISO14001 environmental management system is a documented environmental management system, which compiles environmental management manuals, procedure documents, work instructions, etc.


Fifth, run the environmental management system. The environmental management system documents have been completed and officially promulgated, marking that the company's environmental management system has been established and put into operation.


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