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CCSN  Power INC. is a company integrating R&D and manufacturing of heavy equipment for the entire industry chain of smart microgrids. Our company's purpose is to contribute to the global power industry. This is the goal that our "CCSN  people" continue to pursue. Struggle, never forget the original intention, and forge ahead.


It has been nearly nine years since CCSN  Power INC. was established, and it has been able to locate it right from the beginning of its establishment. In the past nine years, we have always put R&D and design in the first place. We have worked closely with the Global Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and many domestic colleges and universities to adhere to independent innovation and invention.


At the same time, we combine imported technologies to launch products with completely independent intellectual property rights. Through the unremitting efforts of "CCSN  people", we successfully developed the world's first fat engine in 2016; we are still developing several important technologies to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional engines, and then achieve new breakthroughs and surpasses. It has an impact on the industry structure, and every one of our "CCSN  people" strives for it, takes national rejuvenation as the goal, and prides itself on being made in China.


In the future, CCSN  Power INC. will continue to take the contribution to the global power industry as its purpose, promote the common development of the global power industry, and let every destined customer enjoy the power services we provide.



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