CCSN Power Leads the Trend of the Times-"Cooling, Heating and Power" Triple Supply

Gas combined cooling, heating and power supply, namely CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power).


Gas "cooling, heating and power" trigeneration refers to the use of natural gas as the main fuel to drive the operation of internal combustion generator sets. The generated electricity can meet the needs of users, and the waste heat discharged through the system can be reused as waste heat from waste heat boilers or waste heat direct combustion engines. The equipment supplies heating and cooling to users. Through the cascade utilization of energy, the utilization rate of secondary energy is effectively improved.


Gas "cooling, heating and power" trigeneration technology has been developed abroad for more than 30 years. In recent years, China has also paid more and more attention to trigeneration technology. The "Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China" implemented on January 1, 1998 Article 39 clearly states that "the state encourages the development of the following general energy-saving technologies: the development of thermal energy cascade utilization technology, heat, electricity, and cooling co-generation technology, to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of thermal energy."


CCSN Power. has mature gas-fired generator products, which meet the design requirements through the parallel use of multiple units; CCSN Power’s gas-fired generator sets pass smart energy management, with simple operation and floor space It has the advantages of small size, short startup time, low cost, high-efficiency thermal energy conversion, and environmentally friendly emissions.


CCSN Power. has a deep understanding of gas-fired "cooling, heating and power" trigeneration, and is familiar with the operation mode of this system. According to the different requirements of customers, our company can carry out multiple sets of scheme designs for selection, so as to meet customer needs.


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