CCSN Power INC. and Southwest Petroleum University reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the joint development of methanol engines between schools and enterprises


CCSN Power Inc. has been committed to the research and development and production of engines for a long time. The first methanol engine developed by the company in China is a major breakthrough in the field of new energy. It is also a major technological innovation project in Sichuan Province and has received important innovation funds from the government. The high-power engines and generator sets produced by the company are widely used in mines, oil fields, gas fields, field projects, etc. as common or emergency backup power generation equipment.

Southwest Petroleum University is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is jointly established by the Ministry of Education, Sichuan Province, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It is a national "double first-class" construction university. Possess good knowledge, theoretical talents and experimental resources.

Technological innovation is a powerful driving force for high-quality development. To survive in a competitive market, enterprises need to rely on technological innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Under the current dual-carbon policy environment, the development of green energy is the general trend. Based on the guiding ideology of complementing each other's strengths and drawing from each other's strengths, the two parties recently conducted detailed discussions on the strategic cooperation between the two parties.


University is knowledge-intensive and rich in research resources; the enterprise has a complete equipment production chain, complete technology and technology, and the two sides complement each other's advantages. The enterprise can provide the school with a teaching practice base, and the two sides can jointly research industrial topics and innovate product design processes.

1. School-enterprise cooperation meets the needs of society and the market. School-enterprise cooperation, through enterprise feedback and needs, the school cultivates talents in a targeted manner, combines market orientation, pays attention to students' practical skills, and can better cultivate talents needed by society.

2. School-enterprise cooperation is a "win-win" model. The school-enterprise cooperation has achieved information and resource sharing between the school and the enterprise. The school uses the enterprise to provide equipment, and the enterprise does not have to worry about the venue for the cultivation of talents. , The technology realizes complementary advantages, saves the cost of education and enterprises, and is a "win-win" model.

3. In the process of cooperation, the school and the enterprise can exchange resources and get what they need. The school can get funding from the enterprise, and the enterprise can directly sign an agreement with the students, and they will be able to work as soon as they graduate. For students, it is difficult for college students to find employment, and the enterprise can directly provide jobs. This situation is a win-win situation.

In the future, China's economic situation will be good, and the market is in urgent need of professional and skilled personnel. At the same time, the reform of the education system is imminently put on the agenda, and traditional education is destined to be reformed. The growth of an enterprise is inseparable from the strong support of the school, and the growth of the enterprise will also feed back the development of the school. School-enterprise cooperation not only improves the strength of education and training talents, but also is conducive to the development and growth of enterprises. This "win-win" model is destined to grow and develop in our country.

In the next step, the two parties will sign a strategic cooperation agreement to improve the technical level of CCSN Power's methanol engine in all aspects, and use the resources of both parties to strengthen the actual verification and application of the engine, and strive to put the product into the market on a large scale as soon as possible and win market opportunities. At the same time, the school will also set up an industry-university-research practice base in the CCSN production base to strengthen the connection of resources between the two parties.

Methanol is regarded as a potential alternative fuel to fossil energy and has unlimited market potential.

Save oil:

Adding 15% fuel methanol to finished gasoline and diesel oil (it can also be added in a higher proportion), after compounding with co-solvent, the thermal efficiency is basically equal to that of refined oil, which can replace finished gasoline and diesel to save precious petroleum resources and save A lot of foreign exchange. In the long run, the development of the methanol energy industry can drive the development of many industries, especially when oil resources are exhausted, replacing petroleum fuels as the leading energy source has important strategic significance for maintaining national energy security.

Safe and convenient:

The vapor pressure of methanol is lower than that of gasoline, and its specific gravity is higher. The steam is less volatile and floats than gasoline, and the risk of fire is lower than that of gasoline. Methanol has excellent conductivity, which can reduce the risk of static electricity, and the possibility of accidental fire is less. Its production, storage and transportation and safer to use than petroleum fuels. Methanol gas and diesel oil can be mixed with refined oil, and can be switched at any time, which is flexible and convenient to use. The oil supply system can use the equipment and facilities of the gas station, and there is no need to build a special fuel system.

Good power

Methanol contains oxygen, which can promote complete combustion, and has a large latent heat of evaporation, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the engine. Adding 15% methanol to refined oil can significantly increase its octane number, upgrade 90# gasoline to 95# clean gasoline, upgrade No. 0 diesel oil to -10 No. diesel oil, and the heat value of the cartridge of M15 mixed fuel is 41.23MJ /kg, the net calorific value is 38MJ/kg, which can fully meet the power requirements of the engine, and it has been proved by experiments that the power of methanol fuel is better than that of refined oil.

Emission reduction

Methanol fuel is an internationally recognized clean fuel. Methanol is an oxygen-containing compound, and its combustion emission is significantly lower than that of petroleum combustion. 93# gasoline is reduced by 23.2% and 28.5% respectively; M15 methanol diesel is used in Yuchai-YC6105, CO is reduced by 79.4%, NO is reduced by 31.3%, and exhaust smoke is reduced by 85.9%.

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