Depth Analysis of Low Thermal Energy Conversion Efficiency

With the progress of modern science and technology, energy has become the most dependent resource of mankind. Whether it is family, enterprise, transportation, infrastructure and so on, all the power comes from the power of energy conversion, so energy conservation has become the primary responsibility at present.

According to the invention of engine, whether it is internal combustion engine, gas turbine or steam turbine, external combustion engine, nuclear power plant, etc., its efficiency is very low. The most effective thermal efficiency of diesel engine is only within 43%, even if it is high pressure common rail, it can only be in this data. Here we talk about the innovation of design and application of internal combustion engine. Here we don't talk about gasoline engine. We only talk about diesel engine and gas engine. We don't worship high-pressure common rail as much as foreign gas technology. We should change our thinking to treat other ways of inventing this product as well.

Although the thermal efficiency of diesel engine is the highest, the quantity of CO, PM, HC and NOx can not be estimated by numerical expression. Because diesel and gas are all high-power equipment, because of the characteristics of internal combustion engine, it is impossible to exchange the heat of cylinder liner water, intercooled water, radiation heat and exhaust pipe into steam and circulate again. Gas and steam turbines can operate in combination with heat recovery, raising the overall efficiency to less than 62%. Therefore, as an internal combustion engine, we must optimize the design under application conditions. We have been devoting ourselves to the development of efficiency improvement.

The heat dissipation mode of cylinder liner water and Intercooled water is generally water tank, while the heat dissipation fan is directly driven: that is, fixed power operation, which is the disadvantage of many high-power engine application industries, such as generators. The cooling fan should be driven by an intelligent frequency converter or a hydraulic motor, so that according to the size of the load, the change of the ambient temperature will change accordingly. Such a small change will save a lot of energy and fuel in the world.

The efficiency of engine under 30% load is very low, and the damage to engine moving parts and combustion chamber is very serious. Therefore, low load is not easy to operate. It should be matched with low power or combined with energy storage battery to form hybrid power, which will save a lot of energy and fuel. What kind of direct transmission mode of engine for ships and automobiles should be eliminated 20 years ago. Power packages must be installed. Some large engine factories of international famous brands are still advocating direct transmission of ships. This backward power conversion mode should be eliminated long ago.

From the invention of engine to the present, it has been used in low thermal efficiency: a large amount of 60% thermal pollution, CO, PM, HC, NO X are emitted. In the 21st century, human beings have entered the post-industrial era. Artificial intelligence production of commodities is an inevitable trend, that is to say, future energy will be the main force of power output as energy output. Therefore, smart microgrid will become the darling of the times, and will form pithead power stations with solid or liquid energy in the future to facilitate power transmission and distribution.

Although our common people like to use natural gas for cooking and other life, including the current situation that our country is not short of electricity but seriously short of gas, if we want to use natural gas for 1.4 billion people, like human capillaries, it will need revolutionary piping everywhere. I think that in the case of a mature power grid, we should study the high-efficiency thermal cooking, cooking and other living facilities, because ordinary people burn cooking, bathing gas efficiency is not known how many times lower than the engine, this energy is also a waste.

Based on air pollution (heat and harmful gases), energy crisis, low efficiency of heat energy conversion, people's desire for gas, precious natural gas of chemical raw materials, petrochemical refining and coal chemical industry, etc. Our mission must be to develop revolutionary power generation equipment in the future, not so-called high-pressure common rail and gas internal combustion, gas turbine, steam turbine, nuclear power can solve the world's problems and think deeply, we must invent.

For the sake of green hills and green waters, to save the ineffective sources of large amount of emissions, to reduce the cost of energy, and to sustain the development of green, clean and renewable energy, we and energy workers must invent power generation equipment with higher thermal efficiency, lower thermal pollution, less harmful gas emissions and less waste of water resources. To contribute to the world's first energy and power industry, we invite our readers to look forward to the rapid introduction of new inventions.

Readers are welcome to join the discussion with insightful people who disagree or agree with the above statement.

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