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Fat Engine Press Conference

Recently, Nanyu Electric Power has announced many products to the society. Fat engine is one of the inventions of our company. It completely solves the wrong research method of "cutting foot and performing properly": biodiesel.

1. Fat sources

Animal fat comes from starch and fat produced by plants; plant fat comes directly from the energy of photosynthesis.

The greatest source of waste fats from human catering industry, commonly known as "gutter oil", is kitchen waste, followed by waste fats from inferior animals and tail oils used repeatedly in fried food. Taking Chengdu as an example, the daily collections of hogwash oil and ditch oil (collectively referred to as ditch oil) can reach 1000 tons, and 300 tons can be collected by 35 refined ditch oil manufacturers. Sichuan Province can collect millions of tons annually, and the whole country can collect 30 million tons annually.

False fats such as GM soybean oil and GM rapeseed oil can be bought in the Chinese market. In addition to the above two, the price of palm oil and algae oil is slightly higher than that of diesel oil worldwide. Once oil prices rise, it is possible to use these two fats as engine fuel. In China, large-scale trial planting of tree-derived oil crops such as jatropha, olives for oil can become a way of eliminating poverty in the poor mountainous areas of southern China, and can also provide power for engine fuel.

When the international oil price rises above 60 US dollars per barrel, the domestic diesel price may rise to 7,000 RMB/ton. At this time, it is more economical to burn refined ditch oil of 4000 yuan per ton than to burn diesel oil.

2. Expansion of Mixed Fat Production Plant for Power and Establishment of Fat Gas Station

In the early days when fat engines were not widely used, it was easy to set up fixed power stations and charging stations, which could regularly transport power fat to small power stations and charging stations set up by excavating culverts in Kaishan construction roads.

The ship has a large carrying capacity and can buy power fat for several weeks at a time, so it is more realistic to set up a fat Station in large and medium-sized wharf. The ultra-low emission of fat engine can reduce the serious air pollution in the wharf. Fat supply in the wharf not only for ships, but also for other power equipment in the wharf.

The trains run along fixed routes and can be tried out on short-haul freight trains.

The emphasis of mines is that freight cars often have fixed routes, and the establishment of power fat in mines is also easy to achieve in the medium term.

3. Performance comparison between fat and diesel (taking generator CPG550F5 as an example)

If refined ditch oil is used as fuel for fat engine:

At present, the price of fat is higher than that of diesel oil except for gutter oil.

Retail price of refined waste oil: 4050 yuan/ton (reference price now)

Retail price of diesel oil: 7400 yuan/ton (reference price)

For power generation: waste oil (mixed fat for power) consumes 225 g/kw.h at a cost of 0.9 RMB.

Diesel oil consumption 202 g/kw.h, cost 1.05 RMB

That is to say, the cost per kilowatt hour is reduced by 0.15 RMB. For a 500KW output generator (545KW diesel engine power consumption, 500KW output power) working 24 hours

Diesel oil: 111.3kg * 24 hours = 2.67 tons 2.67 tons * 7400 yuan = 19,758 yuan

Ditch oil: 122.6 kg * 24 hours = 2.94 tons 2.94 tons * 4000 yuan = 11,907 yuan

Save 7,851 yuan a day for fuel!

Fat is a renewable energy source, which emits much less pollutants and reduces the cost of tail gas purification.

4. Advantages of fat engines

Low pollution: Animal and vegetable fats as power fuels in the fat engine combustion, exhaust gas pm2.5, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbon content is lower than those contained in diesel engine exhaust, belongs to the cycle carbon emissions, less than one tenth.

Energy saving: A fat engine works 24 hours without stopping, consuming only 3 tons of fat oil. It saves a lot of resources than traditional engines. It plays an important role in saving resources.

Low-cost raw materials: gutter oil comes from "hogwash" in daily life; animal fat comes from starch and fat produced by plants; plant fat comes directly from the energy of photosynthesis, so animal and plant fat are renewable green energy sources.

Efficiency: A fat engine works 24 hours without stopping, consuming only 3 tons of fat oil. Fat engine has high utilization rate and low loss.

5. Transportation and Installation of Units

Generator units are equipped with lifting lugs, which can be directly lifted to or unloaded from freight cars by using lifting belts. The design of the unit structure is compact and easy to find the truck transportation.

CPG550F5 generating unit has no strict requirement for installation foundation. It has 20 cm thick cement foundation and can be leveled. It is convenient to install on site. Rain-proof measures should be taken at the outdoor motor end of the open unit. The control cabinet has the functions of parallel machine and grid connection, which can realize parallel machine quickly and is suitable for the construction of small capacity power plants.

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