CCSN is a professional re-assembly manufacturer of engine, generator, control system and its auxiliary parts in the whole industrial chain of generating units. The company has been closely liaising with customers with rigid demand for power, forming the smart micro-grid power plant in China's only manufacturer from manufacturing, system integration, project construction, operation, maintenance and real-time upgrade of products, large data to establish the power smart block chain, to solve all power demand for customers.

The leasing of new generation units and remanufactured generating units can reduce the large amount of financial cost investment of early power equipment for users. At the same time, after no power supply is needed in the future, there will be no worries about asset disposal and the transfer arrangement of professionals, so as to truly achieve a modern business model that meets the requirements.

In the process of industrialization today, leasing will become the norm in everyone's life and work, and will be the most valuable customer-supplier partnership sought after by the world in the future. Slowly, the proportion of heavy assets invested by enterprises gradually withdraws from the stage of history, and leasing will become the darling of the times. We will apply this model to all the other countries. Their development will increase exponentially. With our existence, you will quickly use clean, economic, stable and reliable power.

Our company will realize real-time multi-function monitoring of remote Internet + unit and minimize the single cylinder power of generating units. From 200-9000KWe single-machine power, each generating unit has its own parallel function and management module configuration of intelligent economic operation, which can realize parallel operation of generators of different sizes and sizes, solve unified and standardized operation problems, bring great convenience to maintenance, and truly achieve multi-fuel selection of energy saving and emission reduction.

In the future, we will support and rapidly expand the rental market of CPG series generators with customer-oriented demand and customer-centered power consumption, and eventually form a strategic product partner with you who need more power. The development of leasing business can completely break the passive situation that the existing manufacturing industry can not adapt to market demand to locate production capacity, as well as the dilemma, embarrassment and helplessness that production capacity and purchase capital can not be recycled. We can serve you at any time and become the most capable expert of power system integration around you.

It is believed that with the growth of CCSN's smart microgrid in the whole industry chain, it can completely break through the rapid development of enterprises listed by all customers.

Today, our country and even the whole world, electricity customers are facing various degrees and complex economic challenges. Manufacturing industry, as the cornerstone and foundation of a country's survival, is always affecting the lifeblood of millions of manufacturing enterprises. However, how can we survive in the complex and difficult economic background, and spend one manufacturing winter after another? We must keep forging ahead and let the closed cycle of our industry chain develop healthily and orderly. Only in this way can we stand firm in the process of a round of manufacturing shuffling. Let our manufacturing advantages and limited capital chain circulate indefinitely, supply power for the world's energy conservation and equipment in long-term efficient operation, and hand in hand with customers to blossom and bear fruits, which is also the way to survive for a hundred years.

Although it is very difficult for us to advocate leasing in this era of business, since we have chosen manufacturing industry, we have no choice but to push forward, let go and give up will become nothing. Only by sharing and realizing the win-win situation of all participants can we create a better tomorrow and future, safeguard the blue sky, green mountains and waters are our long-cherished aspirations of mankind.

Generator rental mode:

If the use time is longer, you can buy first, sign the maintenance service, and accept the pre-agreed mode of repurchase products at any time.

If the pure lease mode can be installment payment, regular maintenance or replacement of units.

Our generators can save fuel costs, and fuel can be diversified to meet both emissions and combustion economy. We will directly give you the cost savings. We will become the power steward around you and make unremitting efforts to develop clean, economic, safe and reliable generators for your career development.

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